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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Waarface - Accepted As Truth EP 2016

 Waarface - crust band from Austin / USA

this records goes off the first second,no intro or anything
pure crust, some fast dbeat/blastbeatparts and stomping midtempoparts to bang your head

vocalist got good shouts/growls, bass is an earthquake, guitars are pushing it and drums keep the truck going

BC: https://waarface.bandcamp.com


Vicious Blade - EP 2020


Vicious Blade - thrashin' dbeat from Pittsburgh // USA

the mix of metal and dbeat is strong in this one
drums go total dbeat while the guitars are covering it with perfect thrash riffs

including a notable vocalist, goes from punk-like shouting to summoning demons in a sec

BC: https://viciousblade.bandcamp.com/releases


Ardid - s/t Demo 2021

 Ardid - dbeat from San José // Costa Rica

this is a solid demo right here!

just three songs but also 3 guitar solos!
check out their linked video as well

BC: https://ardidpunk.bandcamp.com/releases