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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Destruct ‎– Echoes of Life LP

hc-punk band from richmond, virginia, us. from start to finish there is tough raw punk sound straight in your face. get it here

Power Face - Door Slammed Shut EP

straight foward hc punk from stockholm, sweden. recent ep from 2020. get it here


Rixe - Collection LP

franch oi punk band from paris. collection neatly compiles RIXE's first 3 Eps on one album. all 12 cuts have been remastered for maximum volume. get it here

Axe Rash ‎– Axe Rash LP

hardcore punk band from stockholm, sweden. for all those who love the flanger sound on the guitar. full power ahead. here

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Nervous SS / Rat Cage - SkopjeVsSheffield LP

how many people you need to create a split lp? two. nervous ss is from skopje, mkd and rat cage is from sheffield, uk. 20 min of fullspeed hc-punk. get it here

Friday, April 9, 2021

Extinct Exist - Demo Tape

crust, metal, punk from melbourne, australia. demo tape from 2013. if you like check the cursed earth lp out. download here - stay tuned for their second lp coming on 12th apirl 2021. check out here

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Waarface - Accepted As Truth EP 2016

 Waarface - crust band from Austin / USA

this records goes off the first second,no intro or anything
pure crust, some fast dbeat/blastbeatparts and stomping midtempoparts to bang your head

vocalist got good shouts/growls, bass is an earthquake, guitars are pushing it and drums keep the truck going

BC: https://waarface.bandcamp.com


Vicious Blade - EP 2020


Vicious Blade - thrashin' dbeat from Pittsburgh // USA

the mix of metal and dbeat is strong in this one
drums go total dbeat while the guitars are covering it with perfect thrash riffs

including a notable vocalist, goes from punk-like shouting to summoning demons in a sec

BC: https://viciousblade.bandcamp.com/releases


Ardid - s/t Demo 2021

 Ardid - dbeat from San José // Costa Rica

this is a solid demo right here!

just three songs but also 3 guitar solos!
check out their linked video as well

BC: https://ardidpunk.bandcamp.com/releases


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Limb From Limb - Death. Famine. Plague. LP 2007

 Limb From Limb - death metal / crust band from Vancouver // Canada

somehow this record slipped my attention for way to long

you can easily put them in row with Bolt Thrower, Stormcrow and other big crust/stench/death bands

the suicidal growls are killing it


Headsplitters - s/t LP

 Headsplitters - hc punk band from NYC // USA

Headsplitters are back with their 4th release, first time a long player

if you've liked the previous EPs you'll get into this after a sec

again its high quality punk that doesn't mess around with crossover parts or big breaks in style

pure fucking hc punk!

BC: https://headsplitters.bandcamp.com/album/headsplitters-lp


DiE - s/t EP 2013

 DiE - hc punk band from the UK

DiE play some rageous hc punk that builds up so much tension you never know when it's about to explode!

got it all, distorded guitars, rumbling bass and moshing drums

BC: https://diecunt.bandcamp.com


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Subdued - Over The Hills And Far Away LP


anarcho punk band london, uk. subdued released their debut album in a perfect timing, this is the right music for these dark and bleak days. if someone told you that this was released in 1986 on mortarhate, you wouldn’t be surprised. this album, along with Bad Breeding are setting the bar for a new golden age of anarcho punk in the UK. This album deserves a place in your collection next to Icons Of Filth, Anti Sect, Vex and Exit Stance. get it here

Hekàtē - Μέρες Οργής | Days of Wrath LP


It’s not surprising that Hekátē chose their name after the ancient Greek goddess Hekate, the deity of the underworld, witchcraft, nighttime and crossroads. Hekátē are four women coming from different paths, all of which converged in the Spring of 2018, and met at the great crossroad of Athens’ eternal night. Their music is multi-referential, an explosive mix of their magic potions. The heavy, melodic bass establishes the base of their post-punk sound. The drums derail it where necessary. The synths, more electric than electronic, can be heard distinctly, at times leaning towards a smarter New Wave but also giving a wink at garage rock. The vocals sound like an enraged, rhythmic recital tightroping along the melody. As a result, their eight tracks move along a scale, starting with melancholic, urban hymns and ending in anxious, frenzied chases, all tied together with a ceremonial atmosphere. (text taken from LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS)

get it here!! 

Nekra - Royal Disruptor EP


nekra’s ripping and long awaited follow up to their demo blisters and pummels through five tracks of punishing punk. tight tempo changes bracket blasted, buzzing guitars, rumbling bass, reckless drumming, and powerful vocals. five tracks and no mercy! here

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

War Ripper - Strength in Numbers CS


it's been 13 years since joel grind last release anything under the war ripper nick, the hellstorm ep was released back in 2007. in the past years he focused on toxic holocaust, by the way he released a bathory worship album in 2013, the yellowgoat sessions, some surf rock stuff and synthwave music.and here he comes with 5 new tracks, this release SHREDS!! WAR RIPPER sound like the filth ridden spawn of venom and discharge. unfortunately this release is a limited edition with 25 dedicated copies. get it here