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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Zorn - Hardcore Zorn EP 2019

Zorn hc-punk/metal band from Philadelphia//USA
if you're into Devil Master you should definetly check this out
crazy hardcorepunk with a nice touch of obscure metal
they got some previous records,give them a listen!

BC: https://zornphilly.bandcamp.com/album/hardcore-zorn

Warkrusher - All Is Not Lost Demo 2019

Warkrusher - stenchcore band from Montreal // Canada
and to the end of the year santa brought us a new, delightful stenchcore band!
with members of Napalm Raid, Parasytes and Disterror
for fans of Swordwielder, Fatum and Mortal War
putting high hopes in this outfit

BC: https://inbattlethereisnosobriety.bandcamp.com/releases

The Bollocks - Society Collapse LP 2016

The Bollocks - metalpunk from Kuala Pilah // Malaysia
those dudes are around since '94,record got recorded 2014 and published 2016
get ready for guitar-based metalpunk and some doublebass
real turner