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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Realities Of War - Constructs Of Life EP 2011

Realities Of War - anarchocrust from Boston // UK
discharge/skitsystem worshipping record mixed with anarchopunk attitude
wasn't disappointed when listening to this blend!
members where formerly making noise in bands like project hopeless and burning the prospect

Graveturner - Demo 2018

Grave Turner - rockin' punkband from Philadelphia // US
this is for the (motor)bikepunx out there
some kind of slow-motion inepsy
11 minutes full of memorable riffs and nice demotape-sound

Eteraz - Evil Hardcore CS 2018

Eteraz - hc punk band from Olympia // USA
great first release from this new band!
similar sound to bands like SIAL or Zyfilis
1 member also plays at raw punk band PHYSIQUE

Versaute Stiefkinder - Bunkerchaoten Demo CS

hc-punk band from freiberg, germany. founded in 1993 and broke up in the late 90s. fast, harsh and society disliking sounds - straight foward 16 track demotape from '94. get it here

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Give Up All Hope - Nowhere To Hide From Yourself EP

crust band from london - brixton, uk. get it here

Vault - Fuck Off And Die!!! CS

thrash metal band from kajang, selangor, malaysia formed in 1998. get it here

Satan's Rejects - Satan's Rejects EP

hardcore punk band from kavala, greece. get it here

Mar De Rabia - Destrucción Inminente EP

thrashing hc-punk band from bolívar, venezuela, formed in 2015. recent release from winter 2018. get it here

Mar De Rabia - La Destrucción Inminente LP

thrashing hc-punk band from bolívar, venezuela, formed in 2015. first release from 2015. get it here

Pisscharge - Edën LP

hc-punk band from hannover, germany. first release from autumn 2018. get it here

Thursday, January 10, 2019

NO - No/Ruinas Split EP 2016

NO - Death Metal/Crust from ???/Italy
couldn't find any information on this split
but still,awesome music !
heavy riffs,brutal drums and guttural vocals crushing your ears
get it

UZI - Silla Eléctrica Songs 2018

UZI - punk band from Bogotá // Colombia
new'n'fresh band from colombia
got original 80's UK sound referring to Acid Attack or The Mad Are The Sane
singer's also part of Tumbas/Final
songs were recorded for the Silla Eléctrica Sampler (check it out here)
get it

Reacción Violenta - Todo Sigue Igual EP 2018

Reacción Violenta - hc punk band from Bogotá // Colombia
new stuff comming from bogotá again!
nice blend of other colombian bands like Secta/Primer Regimen/Final
punk as it should be
part of the Silla Eléctrica - Sampler (check it out here)
get it