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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Physique - Punk Life Is Shit EP 2018

Physique - raw Dbeat punkrockers from Olympia , Washington // USA
picked it up where they left off with their killer EP "I HATE IT!!!"
harsh,noisy and brutal
get it

Versklaven - Discography 2011 - 2012

Versklaven - thrashing Crust band from Houston // USA
for everyone who likes Sacrilege,After The Bombs or Death Evocation!

Telekoma - Die Wurzel Allen Übels LP 2017

Telekoma - Punkband from Frankfurt an der Oder // Germany
after years of silence Telekoma finally released a new LP
no big changes in style,still straight punk without any fancy shit

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Calämidad - Demø 2018

Calämidad - catchy Hcpunk from Mexico City // Mexico
stomping drums,dissonant guitars,rumbling bass and femal vocals with loooooots of delay
this demøtape is way to short!

Vittna - Demo 2017

Vittna - dark hardcore punk from Raleigh // USA
such a caustic voice.with dbeat influence as well
feels good to feel bad
get it

Sunshine Ward - Nuclear Ambitions LP 2018

Sunshine Ward - HCpunk/Dbeat band from Boston // USA
and another great punk band from Boston!
get angry!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Uhrit - Kuilu EP 2013

Uhrit - crust band from Helsinki // Finland
Nice crust/dbeat from the far north of europe
those people know their instruments!

Acid Attack - Sulphuric Demo 1982

Acid Attack - UK82 Punk from Southsea // UK
never released more than this piece of rumbling ear-catching punk
thats how a 80's demotape needs to sound like!
reunited in 2016 and playing gigs again
Get it

Aardvark - Demo 2018

Aardvark - fresh'n'fast Dbeat from Gießen//Germoney
without fancy riffs or melodys,right in you face!
vocals are little bit on the weak side but thats fine

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A.O.A. - Who Are They Trying To Con EP 1985

All Out Attack // All Our Anger was born in 1982 in Loanhead // Scotland
playing a nice mix of HC-punk and anarcho punk
got more releases,maybe i'll post more later on

Harnröhrer - Stadtguerilla EP 1982

Harnröhrer - 80's punk from Flensburg // Germany
unfortunately the bands only release,split up a year later
Get it

Asozial - S/T EP 1991

Asozial - classic german punkrock recorded in Hannover// Germany
not much infos available,just well played punk

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Ura - S/T LP 2015

Ura - blackened crust from basque country // Spain
atmospheric but still fast crust with insane femal vocals and on-time drumming
lyrics in spanish
...feel the agony...

Aargh Fuck Kill - Modern Warfare LP 2016

A.F.K. - fast foreward HC Punk / D.Beat from Hamburg // Germany
One of the best band from germoney when it comes to those genres
Lyrics in english with lots of delay
Need to try it

Skiplickers - S/T EP 2016

Skiplickers - Total DBeat Mangel from Yorkshire // UK
Those guys know how to dbeat.
got more releases on bandcamp

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Vengeance - Stagnant Circle EP 2017

Vengeance - 3 punkrockers from Jakarta // Indonesia
Somewhere between Post Punk/Dark Wave/HC-Punk

Paradox - Strangulation EP 2014

Paradox - raw D-beat from Atlanta // USA
if you like their first EP here you get the second one
just more noisey and raw

Paradox - No Ghosts That Haunt Us EP 2013

Paradox - raw D-Beat from Atlanta // USA
Their first EP
Attention:neckbreaking guitar riffs!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Lautstürmer - Depopulator LP 2010

Lautstürmer - High speed Dbeat massacre from Malmö // Sweden
Featuring members of Driller Killer as you can hear
Love the artwork

Die Strohsäcke - S/T EP 2000

Die Strohsäcke - Punk band from Berlin // Germoney
Sounds more like 80's punk.Playing shows again since 2017 as Strohsakjes
The singer Christian played in several other bands like Träsh Torten Combo,Worhäts and the most recent band Placebotox
Get It

Subversive Rite - 4 Track CS 2017

Subversive Rite - HC Punk from New York // USA
Female fronted