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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mortal War - Gates Of Hell EP 2017

Mortal War - Stenchcore from Philadelphia // USA
neckbreaking,hatefull crust
hope they'll release more in the future

HPSS - Tod Hass Gewalt Demo 2018

HPSS - primitive crust from Mülheim an der Ruhr // Germany
noisey and raw demo tape of this drunk maniacs!

Venomwolf - Stormriding Power LP 2018

Venomwolf - one man thrash metal band from Glasgow // Scotland
Total primitive black/speed metalpunk
break your neck!

Aargh Fuck Kill - ST EP

4 brand new tracks from this d-beat//hc-punk maniacs. a.f.k is from hamburg, germany. it's worth it. get it here

Friday, May 25, 2018

Extinction Of Mankind ‎– Storm Of Resentment LP

veterans of uk crust-punk started around 1992 when others already finished. recent release from 2018 is  metal influenced punk in a apocaliptic atmosphere. get it here

Monday, May 21, 2018

Skaven - Discography LP

everything ever recorded by this oakland based, shortlived dystopian crust band from the bottom of the gutter. this is authentic, down to earth mid 90s  british crust style. download here

Grand Collapse - Along The Dew LP

frantic hardcore punk from cardiff, wales, uk. recent release from 2017. get it here

Earth Crust Displacement - D-Takt Noize LP

d-takt inferno from berlin, germany. get it here

Fluke - Pest EP

debut ep from this furious hc-punk band from singapore. 8 brand new tracks of raging punk. get it here

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Red Death ‎– Formidable Darkness LP

some blasting 'n thrashing metalpunx from washington dc, usa. third longplayer from 2017. download here

NIGHT PROWLER - Crucible of Power CS

punk band from boston, usa. influenced by the usual suspects of early boston scene. some creepy shit! get it here

Slant - Demo CS

debut demo from this vicious and in-your-face hardcore-punk band from seoul, south-korea. get it here

Tarantüla ‎– The Very Best of Sex and Violence EP

six brand new tracks from chicago's punk tarantüla. absolutely groovy shit. get it here

Innocent ‎– Power Is Violence CS

hc-punk band from boston, massachusetts. get it here

Trapdoor - S/T EP 2017

Trapdoor - dbeat from athens // Greece
first full lengh player from this band
fuck,thats a dirty bass!

Lifeless Dark - Who Will Be The Victim? EP 2018

Lifeless Dark - thrashing crustband from Boston//USA
and yet another fucking great sacrilege-styled band from boston!
if you like check those bands:after the bombs,versklaven,death evocation,terminal conquest


Bat _ Primitive Age EP 2013

Bat - blackened thrash metal from richmond // usa
with members of municipal waste / DRI
in the vein of venom/hellhammer/discharge
get it

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Moratory - Confrontation LP 2017

Moratory - metalpunk from Saint Petersburg // Russia
fast foreward dbeat/metal/punk crossover with powerfull guitar riffs
touring across europe in summer 2018 with Tanator,don't miss them!

Wraith - S/T LP 2017

Wraith - thrashing crust from Indiana // USA
could be a new project of joel grind..

Shesh Shesh Shesh - Akol Po Hole LP 2017

Shesh Shesh Shesh - hcpunk from Tel Aviv / Israhell
can't stop listening to this killer debut album!
get it now

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Overcharge - Electric Reaper LP

fast 'n dirty d-beat 'n roll from italy. 2 new songs and one wretched cover. single sided longplay with nice screenprinting on the back. fuel-injected metalpunk machine!!! get it here

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Toxic Narcotic ‎– We're All Doomed LP

boston, massachusetts based hc-punk band. formed way back in 1989, they holds the tile of being "boston's longest standing diy hc-punk band". this release is from 2002. get it here

The Ejected - A Touch Of Class LP

streetpunk band from dagenham, england, uk. this is their debut album from 1982. something between infa-riot and early red alert. essential stuff... get it here

Volxverätzung - Volxverätzung LP

german punkband from munich, bavaria, germany. get it here

Friday, May 11, 2018

Chupacabra - Demo Tape 2018

Chupacabra - dark punk from Wuppertal // Germoney
hot'n'fresh demo tape!
consisting a mix of dark wave/(post)punk/and maybe even some oi!
not sure here..

Anti-System - At What Price Is Freedom? EP 2017

Anti-System - anarcho crust band from Bradford // UK
after 31 years of silence anti-system finally released a new masterpiece of punk music!
in the 80's anti system started to play anarcho punk while this new EP got lots of crust/hardcore punk influence.
doesnt disappoint

Last Rites - s/t LP 2017

Last Rites - dbeat from Athens // Greece
ass kicking dbeat  with metallic guitar and well done vocals!
all in all a well done production

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Asylum - S/T EP 2014

Asylum - speeding HCpunk from Richmond // USA
fast foreward punk with some dbeat influences

Acephalix - Aporia LP 2010

Acephalix - death metal/crust band from San Francisco // USA
their first release,later on they played pure death metal

Future Terror - We#re all fucked EP 2017

Future Terror - raw d-beat from Richmond // USA
nothing more to say.fast'n'agressive
get it

Friday, May 4, 2018

Terminal Conquest - Demo 2017

Terminal Conquest - metallic stench band from Portland//USA
intense guitar,harsh bass,kicking drums and
female vocals with lots of delay as it should be!

Lost Tribe - Lost Tribe LP 2011

Lost Tribe - dark wave punk from Richmond // USA
some slow punk to stay home and drink some beers

Primer Regimen - Ultimo Testamento EP 2018

Primer Regimen - HC Punk band from Bogotá // Colombia
after their awesome demotape,here's the new release!
less UK82 influence,more HCpunk