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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Dopethrone - Demonsmoke LP 2009

 Dopethrone - stonersludge from Montreal // Canada

imagine zz top squatted a house, smoked to much pot and heroin and started tuning the guitar to Z

i think most people who are into slow'n'heavy stuff know this band, but fuck, i just started and i'm really hooked!
the blueslike, riffdealing guitar paired with chilling drums, supported by a bass straight from the depth of the ocean just deliver a tasty cake! and all covered with gnarly, fucked up vocals


BC: https://dopethrone.bandcamp.com/album/demonsmoke

Monotrop - S/T EP 2019

 Monotrop - crust from Bremen // Germany

some heavy, dark crust here

love the heavy guitar tunes, also the composition of riffing and drumming feels kinda unusual from time to time

definitely an interesting release, hope they'll release more plague upon our ears next year or so!


BC: https://monotroppunk.bandcamp.com/album/monotrop-2019

Burning//World - What Brings Tommorow EP 2020

 Burning//World - raw dbeat from New Jersey // USA

new raw dbeat noise attack!

no big inventions, but if you're into PHYSIQUE dig this


BC: https://burningworld.bandcamp.com/releases

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Personkrets 3:1 ‎– Ruiner EP

gloomy crustpunk band from umeå that was formed in 2003 and dissolved in 2007. last record ever by personkrets 3:1. after this release, the act will cease to exist. as epic as the previous fullength THE GLORIOUS DEAD! more metal than ever before; still you will recognize the sound of the gloomy crustcore from the cold north! download here

Personkrets 3:1 ‎– Life Is Beautiful EP

gloomy crustpunk band from umeå that was formed in 2003 and dissolved in 2007. six tracks from these insane crusties from the cold north! download here

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

No Security - ST EP // DOOM SPLIT SS

pissed off and fullspeed hardcore/punk/crust band from eskilstuna, sweden formed in 1985. 7 tracks from the split ep with doom from 1989. get it here

No Security ‎– When The Gist Is Sucked From The Fruit Of Welfare (The Ugly Faces Of Truth Show)

pissed off and fullspeed hardcore/punk/crust band from eskilstuna, sweden formed in 1985. get it here

RAZZIA - Am Rande von Berlin LP

RAZZIA is a german punk band from hamburg-langenhorn formed in 1979. am rande von berlin is the first studio album that has been released since 1991 with the original line-up around the singer rajas thiele, which reminds me in their style, energy and quality to the first album from 1983 tag ohne schatten. combined with sophisticated and intelligent lyrics, the new songs are characterized by a RAZZIA-typical mixture of energy and melancholy. get it here


hc-punk band from stuttgart/freiburg/basel. 8 punchy hardcore tracks that have a nice d-beat touch, but also that melodic moments. that sound  leaves a permanent impression in your head, similiar to the sound of burial. get it here

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Temor - Líderes Sádicos EP 2020

 Temor - dbeat from Los Angeles // USA

not much infos here neither, just another great dbeat band

simple music for simple people!


BC: https://1753.bandcamp.com/album/temor-l-deres-s-dicos

Impulse - 6 Tracks Tape 2020

 Impulse - dbeat crust from St. Petersburg // Russia

this is some intense stuff, great metallic dbeat crust
vocals remind me of HELLKRUSHER 


BC: https://impulsepunk.bandcamp.com/releases

Cánidos - s/t EP 2017

 Cánidos - dbeat from Tijuana // Mexico

not much infos here, just solid dbeat 

maybe a little less brutal version of LÖCKHEED mixed with some rythmic schemes and vocalstyle of CANKRO

unfortunately their only release


BC: https://canidos.bandcamp.com/releases

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hounds Of War - Demo Tape 2020

 Hounds Of War - punk band from NYC // USA

not much infos here, but maybe also comming from the sourroundings of SUBVERSIVE RITE?

got a nice peace punk touch too


Vivisected Numbskulls - 4 Track Demo 2020

 Vivisected Numbskulls - hc / UK82 from NYC // USA

pure CHAOS UK worship here, could swear its from the 80's 

solo project of SUBVERSIVE RITE's guitarist


Brünner Todesmarsch - Karneval Kolapsu A Droga Kontroly EP 2019

 Brünner Todesmarsch - hardcore punk / fastcore from Brno // Czech Republic

holy fuck, like a bulldozer going nascar in your head

6 songs - 6 minutes, dbeat and grind influences included


BC: https://brunnertodesmarsch.bandcamp.com/album/karneval-kolapsu-a-droga-kontroly-7ep

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Putrefaction - Scavenger EP 2016

 Putrefaction - dbeat / crust band from Dublin // Ireland

nasty mix of dbeat, crust, and death metal breaking your neck!

with singer of RATS BLOOD on guitar/mic, you can hear some similarity on instruments too

unfortunately their last release


BC: https://putrefaction.bandcamp.com/album/scavenger-ep

Primitive Blast - Animalistic EP 2020

 Primitive Blast - hc punk from Sydney // Australia

if you're into stomping midtempo hcpunk dig this!


BC: https://primitiveblast.bandcamp.com/album/animalistic-2

Misantropic - Catharsis LP 2020

 Misantropic - dbeat/metal outfit from Umea // Sweden

after 6 years misantropic finally delivers again!

after their last classic dbeat LP this turns out to be more metallic sounding (also depending on the very clean production)

you can really feel how the band evolved in songwriting and riffing the past few years



Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Passing - S/T EP 2020

 The Passing - hc punk / dbeat from Los Angeles // US

this is some nasty stuff here, full scale primitive hcpunk/dbeat assault!


BC: https://thepassingla.bandcamp.com/album/self-titled-ep

Nightfeeder - Rotten - Demo 2020

 Nightfeeder - dbeat from Seattle // USA

kinda crusty, downtuned dbeat with intensive vocals

reminds me a bit of dbeat legends CONSUME


BC: https://nightfeeder.bandcamp.com

Bootlicker - How To Love Life EP 2020

 Bootlicker - hc punk from Vancouver // Canada

this outfit plays great stomping US-hc-punk mixed with brutal midtempo dbeat

like when you throw WARTHOG and BLOOD PRESSURE in a cage fighting for the last AJAX record


BC: https://boot-licker.bandcamp.com/album/how-to-love-life-e-p

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Infandus - Lithium-6 Demo 2020

 Infandus - death metal from NYC // USA

seems like its a death metal thursday!
infandus play some downtuned midtempo death metal the oldschool way but mixing it with some dbeat elements like in "Echoes in the Fog"


BC: https://infandus.bandcamp.com/releases

Indoctri - Blind Life Demo 2020

 Indoctri - Death Metal/Crust band from Stuttgart // Germany

some metal infused crust punk here with lots of double bass useage on the drums
love the guitar riffing


BC: https://indoctri.bandcamp.com/releases

Bastard Priest - Vengeance ...Of The Damned LP 2020

 Bastard Priest - Death Metal from Umea // Sweden

just wanted to hear the album "Under The Hammer Of Destruction" a few days back and i got really suprised to see that they're back after nearly 10 years with a new killer album!

so if you're into swedish death metal with a slightly punkish style give it a try
the older releases are highly recommended too


BC: https://bastardpriest.bandcamp.com/album/vengeance

Monday, August 24, 2020

Man - Eaters - Gentle Ballads For The Simple Souls LP 2020

 Man Eaters - punk/ hardrock ensemble from Chicago // USA

after a killer demo, here's the first full length release
ex-members of Tarantüla and Cülo

if you're on the search for a new, uncommon sound give it a try

BC: https://man-eaters.bandcamp.com/album/gentle-ballads-for-the-simple-soul

Gulch - Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress LP 2020

 Gulch - hardcore/metal/punk band from San Jose // USA

after some well - deserved fame for their previous LP (and their live gigs!) gulch have put out a second noise attack
still driving the punch-in-your-face-sound to the max
full of agressions, creative stylechanges and pure heavyness

chech out their previous release here

BC: https://gulch.bandcamp.com

Counter Attack - Laments And Skulls LP 1999

 Counter Attack - anarcho punk from Belgium

don't miss on this gem of unknown anarcho punk if you're into british anarcho punk from the 80's!
got a great vibe and perfect sound

buzzing guitar sound, intentive drumming and weirdo parts included


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hetze / Dismalfucker Split LP 2020

Hetze - hardcorepunk from Belgium
Dismalfucker - hardcorepunk/dbeat from Münster // Germany

hetze play some straight foreward hcpunk, no songs longer than 2 minutes
dismalfucker play a mix of dbeat and hcpunk, check out the other releases

Hetze BC: https://hetze.bandcamp.com/album/split-with-dismalfucker
Dismalfucker BC: https://dismalfucker.bandcamp.com/album/hetze-split

Skitkids - Besöket vid krubban LP 2008

Skitkids - dbeat mangel from Sweden

reminds me a bit of Larma or early Herätys
classig highspeed mangelpunk with some rock'n'roll guitar influence

BC: https://skitkids.bandcamp.com/album/bes-ket-vid-krubban

Alement - Onward EP 2019

Alement - metal/crust band from Philadelphia // USA

fith release of this axegrinding drunks, if you're into epic metalcrust you should give it a listen

BC: https://alement.bandcamp.com

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Leash - Dead End Breed EP 2016

Leash - crust punk band from Portsmouth // USA
was listening to this outfit some while ago and almost forgot about it, what a shame!
pure fucking foreward crust punk

BC: https://leashnh.bandcamp.com/music

Nervchock - Demo 2020

Nervchock - dbeat from Gothenburg // Sweden
good snotty dbeat right here with a slight rock'n'roll guitar
stoked to hear the next release

BC: https://nervchock.bandcamp.com/releases

Dark Sorcerer - ...From The Emerald Tablet EP 2020

Dark Sorcerer - Black/Thrash from Front Royal // USA
nasty pack of blastbeats, tremolo picking and gutural vocals
love the drum tuning!

BC: https://darksorcerer.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-emerald-tablet

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Youth Depravation - Behind The Lids LP 2020

Youth Depravation - hardcore punk band from Groningen // Netherlands

got a nice touch of oldschool US hardcore punk like Black Flag or something

BC: https://youthdeprivation.bandcamp.com/album/behind-the-lids

Verpest - Negenduust Hatespeech LP 2020

Verpest - crustgrind band from Belgium

very first release of this band, slightly raw recordings that fit the playstyle perfectly
balanced mix of crust an grind, love the guitar tune

BC: https://verpest.bandcamp.com/releases

Rubble - Parts Per Million EP 2020

Rubble - anarcho punk from Portland // USA

this is the 3rd release from this band
they play a modern style of anarcho punk that is hooking you up in a sec

BC: https://rubblepdx.bandcamp.com/album/parts-per-million-ep

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sial - Tari Pemusnah Kuasa LP 2020

Sial - hc punk from Singapore

this is the 3rd release of sial and it just gets better
they still stick to the kinda raw, minimalistic hardcore punk like before
no fancy shit and lots of distortion
go see them live if you can!


BC: https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/tari-pemusnah-kuasa

Sektion No Fun - s/t EP 2018

Sektion No Fun - hc punk from Halle // Germany

recent project from the singer and drummer of Hass Auf Alles
no big changes in style just got a little bit more advanced playstyle


BC: https://sektionnofun.bandcamp.com/album/s-t

Hass Auf Alles - s/t EP 2016

Hass Auf Alles - HC punk from Würzburg/Halle // Germany

this band is full of rage and hate, just listen to the singers voice
oh, and the lyrics are about hate too
pre- Sektion No Fun



Saturday, April 18, 2020


i suppose all of you have noticed, that the recent Coviv-19 pandemic is fucking up our lives pretty well

it concerns not only our social live and the health of ourselves and the ones we love, but also all the small underground venues we like to visit and support wich is even more important in these times

so this is a shout-out to everyone to support a small DIY space in Cologne//Germany
if you can, leave some coins

no free download provided this time, instead, give some money to the ones in need!

you can support here:

Monday, April 13, 2020

Paradox - Is It Fucking Worth It?! LP 2014

Paradox - hcpunk from Hannover // Germoney

drummer also plays in Exilent, guitarist plays in famous german punk band Alarmsignal wich Paradox has two split EPs with
unfortunately Paradox are not active anymore
don't mix it up with recent raw dbeat outfit Paradox from the US wich you can find here

BC: https://antikoerper-export.bandcamp.com/album/is-it-fucking-worth-it

Convince - Russian Jawbreaker LP 2020

Convince dbeat (neo)crust band from Moscow // Russia

in honor of the 10th anniversary of the band they re-recorded 8 songs from the beginning of the bands history
it was supposed to get released with a tour across europe wich needed to be postponed in case of the recent Covid-19 pandemic
so if you can, hit those guys up for a gig in your local squat/rehearsalroom/whatever!
real force on stage

BC: https://convince666.bandcamp.com/album/russian-jawbreaker

Cleansing Wave - Crude EP 2014

Cleansing Wave - dbeat band from Worcester // USA
excellent record, theses dudes/dudettes know how to play
pretty diversified though

BC: https://cleansingwavehc.bandcamp.com

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Raw Mud - The Time Has Come EP 2020

Raw Mud - crust/dbeat band from Russia
got a more modern style, like a mix of agnosy and convince

BC: https://rawmud.bandcamp.com/album/the-time-has-come-metal-line

Löckheed - Conflict Delirium EP 2020

Löckheed - raw dbeat from Santa Rosa // USA
pure noisy midtempo dbeat assault!
if you're into Languid or D7Y, play this

BC: https://lockheedpunk.bandcamp.com

Common Enemy - s/t EP 2020

Common Enemy - dbeat band from Byron Bay // Australia
love the vocals on this record, gives it a unique touch
also the guitar tuning is more related to metal

BC: https://commonenemydiy.bandcamp.com/album/ep

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Witchtrial - s/t LP 2019

Witchtrial - thrash metal band from Washington D.C. // USA

this band hails from the depths of hardcore punk to bring you one of the best crossover/thrash metal records of 2019
check out the demo too!

BC: https://witchtrialdc.bandcamp.com/album/witchtrial

Scavenger Circle - Beyond Repair 2019

Scavenger Circle - crust punk duo from Västeras // Sweden

this duo fucking rips, gotta love the songwriting and tough sound of this record
for fans of heavy guitar riffs and a good mix of stomping midtempo drums and dbeatz

BC: https://scavengerscircle.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-repair

Ataxie - Demo 2020

Ataxie - postpunk band from Mülheim a.d.R. // Germany

this new'n'fresh band just released their demo
if you're into german 80's (dark)wave / post punk like X-Mal Deutschland give this record a listen

BC: https://ataxie.bandcamp.com/releases

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Gulch - Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath EP 2018

Gulch - Hardcore/Metal outfit from Santa Cruz // USA

this band fucking rips!
got a very unique style with a perfect implementation of mixing several heavy gernes with a summoned demon on the mic
go watch their live videos, real maniacs on stage

BC: https://gulchca.bandcamp.com/album/burning-desire-to-draw-last-breath

Implement - ...Through Screams Of Infernal Misery EP 2019

Implement - Thrash Metal from Leeds//UK

this stuff is wicked, if you're into Witchtrial or Devil Master hop onto this

BC: https://implement420.bandcamp.com/album/through-screams-of-infernal-misery