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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hounds Of War - Demo Tape 2020

 Hounds Of War - punk band from NYC // USA

not much infos here, but maybe also comming from the sourroundings of SUBVERSIVE RITE?

got a nice peace punk touch too


Vivisected Numbskulls - 4 Track Demo 2020

 Vivisected Numbskulls - hc / UK82 from NYC // USA

pure CHAOS UK worship here, could swear its from the 80's 

solo project of SUBVERSIVE RITE's guitarist


Brünner Todesmarsch - Karneval Kolapsu A Droga Kontroly EP 2019

 Brünner Todesmarsch - hardcore punk / fastcore from Brno // Czech Republic

holy fuck, like a bulldozer going nascar in your head

6 songs - 6 minutes, dbeat and grind influences included


BC: https://brunnertodesmarsch.bandcamp.com/album/karneval-kolapsu-a-droga-kontroly-7ep