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Monday, February 18, 2019

Man-Eaters - Demo CS 2019

Man-Eaters - rockin' punkband from Chicago // USA
awesome mix of hardcore punk flavored with some rock'n'roll
really catchy and fun
features members of Cülo and Tarantüla

Physique - The Evolution Of Combat LP 2019

Physique - raw punk/dbeat outfit from Olympia//USA
physique never disappoints,if you know them you know what's comming
if you don't know them you should listen to this stuff
full of harsh noisy hate!

Gewaltbereit EP 2019

Gewaltbereit - hardcore punk from Leipzig//Germoney
one of the best german punk bands active right now
gladly without changes in sound and style compared to the other releases
straight foreward punk without any fancy shit