Thursday, November 14, 2019

Slon - Tape II 2019

Slon - hcPunk from West/south Germany and Luxembourg
good stuff here,rythmic,stomping mid tempo punk


Vendul - Witchtanic Metalpunks EP 2018

Vendul - black/thrashmetal-punks from Arnsberg // Germany
beautiful mix of extreme metal and punk
some riffing and vocals got some heavy metal influence too
no bass included but whatever


Stresstest - Bad Timing Demo 2019

Stresstest - HcPunk from Duisburg // Germany
with pissed off vocals and some dbeatz


Monday, October 28, 2019

Profiteur/Hässig - Split LP 2019

Profiteur - hcpunk band from Solothurn // Switzerland
Hässig - dbeat/hc punk from Biel // Switzerland
great split from two of the most promising recent punk outfits coming from Switzerland
both bands singing in schwitzerdütsch (swiss german)
while Profiteur got the more hcpunk tune, Hässig is giving it more to the dbeat side
Profiteur BC:
Hässig BC:

Chrome Skulls - Metal Skull EP 2018

Chrome Skulls - dbeat/hc punk from New Jersey // USA
got some nice heavy guitar tunes in here!
for fans of Languid and AAARGH FUCK KILL

Bombardement - Bombardement LP 2019

Bombardement - dbeat band from Bordeaux // France
never lets you get a break
dbeat overkill with kinda high pitched female vocals

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Loose nukes - behind the screen ep

hc-punk from pennsylvania, us. consisting of half of pittsburghs blood pressure along with vocals of dark thoughts and drums of sickoids. eight tracks of smoldering hardcore punk in just over nine and a half minutes. wooohere!!!!

blood pressure - surrounded lp

blood pressure from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, us. playing furious hc-punk with an unprecedented energy and rage. recent release from oct 18. get it here

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fracture - Demo 2019

Fracture - hcpunk band from Philadelphia // USA
makes you wanna pogo all the way to the bar!

Sorcerer - Demo CS 2019

Sorcerer - hcpunk from London // UK
stomping hcpunk paired with dbeatdriven hooks

Death Race - The Last Road To Hell LP 2019

Death Race - metalpunk from Helsinki // Finland
hcpunk charged with some thrash metal vibes

Saturday, October 5, 2019

fatum - edge of the wild lp

crust-warriors from moscow, russia. this guys melting crust/death/thrash/metal into an unholy power. damn great shit!! get it here!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

updates // reupps // zippyshare geoblocking

the last months past away without much posting from my side, but the good thing is that erik kept the blog alive!
i recieved a lot of mails about offline files and i dont really care about that (sorry for that), because most of the files are hosted on zippyshare and this site is actually blocked for some particular countrys and i dont know why. all i know is that you haven't acces from germany - you need to configure a proxy to solve this problem. (use webproxy or tor-browser to bypass this issue) in the mean time most of the uploaded files are expired - so in this or that way, its to late.
i done some reupps - and try to transfer all zippyshare data on a solid driver, but it will take some time.
stay tuned
recent reupps:
battalion of saints, adrenalin od, fluke, malignant tumour, wolfbeast destroyer, grand collapse, nihilist, razzia, death, warvictims, paranoid, destierro

AARGH FUCK KILL - Ruled By The Insane LP

recent release from this hc-punk maniacs. this 8 straight foward new tracks meets great guitar riff, belting vocals  and pummeling drums. get it here

Friday, August 30, 2019

Sabot Noir - Schattenfarben LP 2018

Sabot Noir - hc punk from Munich // Germany
very diverse record,goes from melodic punk over dbeat to crusty grind-like style all flavored with two main vocalists


The Moor - S/T CS 2019

The Moor - anarcho/post punk from Vancouver // Canada
bands got some nice fresh sound,quite unique
sometimes even some wavy shit