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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Witchtrial - s/t LP 2019

Witchtrial - thrash metal band from Washington D.C. // USA

this band hails from the depths of hardcore punk to bring you one of the best crossover/thrash metal records of 2019
check out the demo too!

BC: https://witchtrialdc.bandcamp.com/album/witchtrial

Scavenger Circle - Beyond Repair 2019

Scavenger Circle - crust punk duo from Västeras // Sweden

this duo fucking rips, gotta love the songwriting and tough sound of this record
for fans of heavy guitar riffs and a good mix of stomping midtempo drums and dbeatz

BC: https://scavengerscircle.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-repair

Ataxie - Demo 2020

Ataxie - postpunk band from Mülheim a.d.R. // Germany

this new'n'fresh band just released their demo
if you're into german 80's (dark)wave / post punk like X-Mal Deutschland give this record a listen

BC: https://ataxie.bandcamp.com/releases

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Gulch - Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath EP 2018

Gulch - Hardcore/Metal outfit from Santa Cruz // USA

this band fucking rips!
got a very unique style with a perfect implementation of mixing several heavy gernes with a summoned demon on the mic
go watch their live videos, real maniacs on stage

BC: https://gulchca.bandcamp.com/album/burning-desire-to-draw-last-breath

Implement - ...Through Screams Of Infernal Misery EP 2019

Implement - Thrash Metal from Leeds//UK

this stuff is wicked, if you're into Witchtrial or Devil Master hop onto this

BC: https://implement420.bandcamp.com/album/through-screams-of-infernal-misery

Criptas - 2 Tracks EP 2019

Criptas - Death Metal/Crust band from San Luis Potosi // Mexico

unfortunartely only 2 songs on this release
love the heavy riffs mixed with some athmospheric parts wich puts some tension in the songs

BC: https://criptas.bandcamp.com/album/2-tracks-ep

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Hellknife - Dusk of Doom LP

crust band from mannheim, germany. recent release from friday 13th dec 2019  - absolute ripping crusty metal sound here. wow thats record knocks me out! get it here

Uncurbed / Warvictims - Split LP

some older release here, but at least this record came across in my storage and i noticed that i never really heared the uncurbed side. that was a big mistake. thus far.
warvictims should be known, swedish d-beat destruction. uncurbed from avesta, sweden, formed back in 1990 - they called it quits in january 2011. get it here

Kronisk Misantropi - Masshypnos LP

great debut album from this swedish d-takt band. includes members of Makabert Fynd and Passiv Dödshjälp. get it here!!

Vidro - Allt Brinner LP

pissed off midtempo punk hailing from stockholm, sweden. get it here

Fatal Brutal - ST EP

hc-punk band from offenburg, germany. after a demo in 2016, they released this 6 track ep. great stuff, looking foward to get more. download here