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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tozcos - Sueños Deceptivos LP 2018

Tozcos - punkband from Santa Ana//USA
after an awesome S/T 7" from 2017 here's their debut LP
insane package of enjoyable,catchy bass/guitar riffs,powerfull drums and the voice fits in perfectly
never gets boring to listen to!

Flower S/T CS 2018

Flower - hc punk band from NYC//USA
despite their anarcho punk attitude this is fucking agressive-pissed off
straight foreward punkmusic!

Cankro - S/T 7" 2018

Cankro - hardcore punk from Sao Paulo//Brazil
fucking great stuff here! mix of catchy guitar riffs and straight hcpunk-drumming reminds me of Tozcos an Muro at the same time download

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Contrast Attitude ‎– Apocalyptic Raw Assault LP

crust punk band from japan, formed back in 1998. get it here

Acrostix ‎– Dear Daily Life LP

hc punk band from japan. their latest release from 2010. download

Hellstorm - Discography

heavy crusty metal punx from arta, epirus, greece. contains their two singles from 2010/2014, the two sides from their split lp's and a amebix cover song. expect finest metallic d-beat crust with some fuckin' rhythmic sections. get it here

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Svaveldioxid ‎– Ändlös Mardröm LP

käng punk band from stockholm, sweden, formed early in 2015. their first release from 2016 - straightfoward 8 track attack!! get it here

Sauna - Discography

swedish crust punk band that was active around the early 90s. contains their demo cassette from '91 and the songs from the disrupt split from '94. get it here

Monday, November 5, 2018

Operation ‎– Så Länge Du Inte Gör Motstånd Stöder Du Systemet

swedish anarcho punk band from kalmar, founded 1995 and disbanded in 1999. they released 3 albums, this is their complete discography. get it here