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Friday, August 30, 2019

Sabot Noir - Schattenfarben LP 2018

Sabot Noir - hc punk from Munich // Germany
very diverse record,goes from melodic punk over dbeat to crusty grind-like style all flavored with two main vocalists

bandcamp: https://sabotnoir.bandcamp.com/releases

The Moor - S/T CS 2019

The Moor - anarcho/post punk from Vancouver // Canada
bands got some nice fresh sound,quite unique
sometimes even some wavy shit

bandcamp: https://themoorpeacepunk.bandcamp.com

Nö - Demo Tape 2019

Nö - dbeat from Bremen // Germany
with members of Disconfect , Survival Of The Sickest , Dysania , Scattered Hopes and some more
bandcamp: https://noepunx.bandcamp.com/releases

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Ravage Fix - III EP 2019

Ravage Fix - raw hc punk from Kreuzlingen // Switzerland
this ep is way to short!

or here:https://ravagefix.bandcamp.com

D7Y - S/T LP 2019

D7Y - noisy hc punk/dbeat from Reykjavik//Iceland
distorted guitar and classic hcpunk-shouts but with a kinda modern feeling

or here:https://d7ypunk.bandcamp.com

Dekonstrukt - S/T LP 2018

Dekonstrukt - hc punk band from Ulm//Germany
got a nice diversified sound rooted in 2 guitars and both male and femal vocals
or here: https://dekonstruktyourlife.bandcamp.com