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Saturday, April 18, 2020


i suppose all of you have noticed, that the recent Coviv-19 pandemic is fucking up our lives pretty well

it concerns not only our social live and the health of ourselves and the ones we love, but also all the small underground venues we like to visit and support wich is even more important in these times

so this is a shout-out to everyone to support a small DIY space in Cologne//Germany
if you can, leave some coins

no free download provided this time, instead, give some money to the ones in need!

you can support here:

Monday, April 13, 2020

Paradox - Is It Fucking Worth It?! LP 2014

Paradox - hcpunk from Hannover // Germoney

drummer also plays in Exilent, guitarist plays in famous german punk band Alarmsignal wich Paradox has two split EPs with
unfortunately Paradox are not active anymore
don't mix it up with recent raw dbeat outfit Paradox from the US wich you can find here

BC: https://antikoerper-export.bandcamp.com/album/is-it-fucking-worth-it

Convince - Russian Jawbreaker LP 2020

Convince dbeat (neo)crust band from Moscow // Russia

in honor of the 10th anniversary of the band they re-recorded 8 songs from the beginning of the bands history
it was supposed to get released with a tour across europe wich needed to be postponed in case of the recent Covid-19 pandemic
so if you can, hit those guys up for a gig in your local squat/rehearsalroom/whatever!
real force on stage

BC: https://convince666.bandcamp.com/album/russian-jawbreaker

Cleansing Wave - Crude EP 2014

Cleansing Wave - dbeat band from Worcester // USA
excellent record, theses dudes/dudettes know how to play
pretty diversified though

BC: https://cleansingwavehc.bandcamp.com

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Raw Mud - The Time Has Come EP 2020

Raw Mud - crust/dbeat band from Russia
got a more modern style, like a mix of agnosy and convince

BC: https://rawmud.bandcamp.com/album/the-time-has-come-metal-line

Löckheed - Conflict Delirium EP 2020

Löckheed - raw dbeat from Santa Rosa // USA
pure noisy midtempo dbeat assault!
if you're into Languid or D7Y, play this

BC: https://lockheedpunk.bandcamp.com

Common Enemy - s/t EP 2020

Common Enemy - dbeat band from Byron Bay // Australia
love the vocals on this record, gives it a unique touch
also the guitar tuning is more related to metal

BC: https://commonenemydiy.bandcamp.com/album/ep