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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Infandus - Lithium-6 Demo 2020

 Infandus - death metal from NYC // USA

seems like its a death metal thursday!
infandus play some downtuned midtempo death metal the oldschool way but mixing it with some dbeat elements like in "Echoes in the Fog"


BC: https://infandus.bandcamp.com/releases

Indoctri - Blind Life Demo 2020

 Indoctri - Death Metal/Crust band from Stuttgart // Germany

some metal infused crust punk here with lots of double bass useage on the drums
love the guitar riffing


BC: https://indoctri.bandcamp.com/releases

Bastard Priest - Vengeance ...Of The Damned LP 2020

 Bastard Priest - Death Metal from Umea // Sweden

just wanted to hear the album "Under The Hammer Of Destruction" a few days back and i got really suprised to see that they're back after nearly 10 years with a new killer album!

so if you're into swedish death metal with a slightly punkish style give it a try
the older releases are highly recommended too


BC: https://bastardpriest.bandcamp.com/album/vengeance