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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Antimob - Σταύρωση Demo Tape 2018

Antimob - hc punk from Athens // Greece
fucking great band!
all releases are worth listening/owning,support them if you can
this is just a promo to whats coming next

Legion Of Parasites - The Prisons Of Life! 1985

Legion Of Parasites - fast anarchopunk from Pavenham // UK
one of the most thrashish (anarcho) punkband from that time and origin
after a demo tape and a 12" EP this is their best played/written album
later they changed their sound more into thrash metal,not as good as this release but you can give it a try

Dunkle Tage - Discography 1984-87

Dunkle Tage - anarcho/hc punk band from Göttingen// Germany
there are only few 80's-bands from germany having such anarchistic output and this is by far the best!
somewhere between Icons Of Filth and Conflict

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Blackball - S/T EP 2016

blackball - raw hcpunk from Raleight/Richmond // USA
straight forward punk music without any fancy shit
go for it!

Profoss - S/T EP 2018

Profoss - new dbeat band from malmö/sweden
featuring members of infernöh/terrible feelings/nightmen and much more

Kanalratten - Bonzenschweine EP 1983

Kanalratten - hardcore punk from ???/Germany
not much infos here,just a nice relict of the 80's punkscene in germany

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Discommand - War Is Terror 2017

Discommand - dbeat crusties from Stuttgart//Germany
double bass crust metal worship,straight anti-war
breaking your neck!
get it

Toadeater - Demo 2018

Toadeater - three piece blackened crust band from Osnabrück//Germany
new'n'fresh group!
strongly supporting the d.i.y. network
if you can,invite them to you squat/basement/club!

No Sun Rises - Demo 2018

No Sun Rises - black metal crust from Münster//Germany
nice mix of depressive atmospheric and fast d-beat/crust parts
with vocalist of unrest
get it