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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Wolfhour - Dead On Arrival LP

d-beat / hc-punk band from gothenburg, sweden, d-beat how d-beat should be done. formed in 2013, members also playing in bands like slakattack, anti-cimex and blisterhead. download here

Monday, June 25, 2018

Akrasia- First Demons - Birth of the Void LP

cataclysmic space crust-monster from oslo, norway. a conflation from crusty old school uk style, like amebix up to trashing style of venom. get it here

Lautstürmer // Remiso - Split LP

malmö rawmangel split! both bands coming from malmö, sweden. lautstürmer deliver their typical swedish käng sound better than ever and again influenced with slight metal touches. remiso plays their own style of furious metal/rawpunk with portuguese lyrics and pretty much influenced by the good old ratos de porao. great split!! get it here

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Junta - Vertigem EP 2016

Junta - hcpunk from Copenhagen // Denmark
dbeat-injected as well,nice delay on voice

Zyfilis / Muro - Split Tape 2018

(couldn't find actual cover)
Zyfilis - punkish dbeat band from Denmark//Sweden
singer/guitarist of Junta on drums here
Muro - stomping HCPunk from Bogotá // Colombia
uploaded their LP few posts before,all members are active in Rat Trap Collective
doing awesome DIY stuff over there and pesthole for many bands like Uzi/Tumbas/Final/Primer Regimen and more to come..
Get it

Anatomi 71 - Människor Som Medel EP 2018

Anatomi 71 - mangelpunx from Gothenburg // Sweden
6 trax of raging dbeatpunk,typical swedish material

Monday, June 11, 2018

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Dystopian Destruction - Demø 2018

Dystopian Destruction - depressive dbeat/HCpunk from Lübeck // Germany

Muro - Attaque Hardcore Punk LP 2017

Muro - furious stomping hardcore punk from Bogota // Colombia
non compromise punk as it should be
get it

Necromessiah - The Last Hope Of Humanity LP 2013

Necromessiah - nekrö metal attack from Sassari // Italy
unholy child-sacrificing speedmetal!
also for dbeat lovers

Friday, June 1, 2018

Warchild - Haunting Images Of Human Tragedy LP

hc-punk from umeå, sweden. like a blast from the past. warchild delivers furious mix of fast and hard pounding raw-punk driving by tormenting howls of war-victims. download

Katastrof - Katastrof EP

first release from this swedish mangel punx. fronted by vocalist and punk veteran poffen, who is most famously known as the voice of totalitär. get it here

Mohan - Self Titled EP

metalpunx from colombia. great release! get it here


d-beat violence from perth, australia. download here

Återfall / Vanvett - Spit LP

two times furious n crushing hc/crust/punk from sweden. aterfall is from västmanland and vanvett from stockholm. don't give a shit-beat. get it here