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Monday, August 24, 2020

Man - Eaters - Gentle Ballads For The Simple Souls LP 2020

 Man Eaters - punk/ hardrock ensemble from Chicago // USA

after a killer demo, here's the first full length release
ex-members of Tarantüla and Cülo

if you're on the search for a new, uncommon sound give it a try

BC: https://man-eaters.bandcamp.com/album/gentle-ballads-for-the-simple-soul

Gulch - Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress LP 2020

 Gulch - hardcore/metal/punk band from San Jose // USA

after some well - deserved fame for their previous LP (and their live gigs!) gulch have put out a second noise attack
still driving the punch-in-your-face-sound to the max
full of agressions, creative stylechanges and pure heavyness

chech out their previous release here

BC: https://gulch.bandcamp.com

Counter Attack - Laments And Skulls LP 1999

 Counter Attack - anarcho punk from Belgium

don't miss on this gem of unknown anarcho punk if you're into british anarcho punk from the 80's!
got a great vibe and perfect sound

buzzing guitar sound, intentive drumming and weirdo parts included