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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

updates // reupps // zippyshare geoblocking

the last months past away without much posting from my side, but the good thing is that erik kept the blog alive!
i recieved a lot of mails about offline files and i dont really care about that (sorry for that), because most of the files are hosted on zippyshare and this site is actually blocked for some particular countrys and i dont know why. all i know is that you haven't acces from germany - you need to configure a proxy to solve this problem. (use webproxy or tor-browser to bypass this issue) in the mean time most of the uploaded files are expired - so in this or that way, its to late.
i done some reupps - and try to transfer all zippyshare data on a solid driver, but it will take some time.
stay tuned
recent reupps:
battalion of saints, adrenalin od, fluke, malignant tumour, wolfbeast destroyer, grand collapse, nihilist, razzia, death, warvictims, paranoid, destierro

AARGH FUCK KILL - Ruled By The Insane LP

recent release from this hc-punk maniacs. this 8 straight foward new tracks meets great guitar riff, belting vocals  and pummeling drums. get it here