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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Squats - Noise Overdose EP 1981

The Squats - Punkband from Nijmegen // Netherlands
If you're looking for furios UK82-Punk this is your record.Never gets boring to listen to
Now get your boots on and pogo!

Candy - Demo 2017

Candy - Vacouver // Canada
Playing a nice mix of HC Punk and D-Beat.Straight forward like a kick in your face

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ruïna - Demo 2016

Ruïna - Punkband from Valencia // Spain
Sounds like a slightly darker version of Generacion Suicida
Not much infos available..

Monday, March 26, 2018

Stalag 17/Toxic Waste - The Truth Will Be Heard Split Lp 1985

One of my most favorite records when it comes to 80's anarcho punk.
Both bands put on their best tracks
Stalag 17 and Toxic Waste were both from Belfast // Northern Ireland
The bands shared lots of stages and were inbound in the same anarchist movements
Not just music,also nice insight on Belfasts anarcho punk-scene
Raise black flags!

Toxic Waste - Belfast LP 1987

Toxic Waste - anarcho punk from Belfast // Northern Ireland
fast 80's anarcho punk in the vein of Dirt and Conflict
Get It

Alement - Against The Howling Winds Of Chaos EP 2014

Alement - axegrinding drunks from Philadelphia,Pennsylvania // USA
Awesome crust attack,got other releases as well.

Civilized Society? - Scrap Metal LP 1986

Civilized Society? - HC/Anarcho-punk from Bristol // UK
Perfect mix of british metalpunx Antisect and anarcho punx Toxic Waste
Worth a listen

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hässig - Adie Mercie LP 2017

Hässig - filthy D - Beat warriors from Biel // Switzerland
reminds me of Consume from time to time
band lives some decent DIY-spirit,doing concerts/selling record for donation

Scum Crusade - S/T LP 2016

Scum Crusade - crust punk from Umea // Sweden
with members of misantropic
harsh stuff!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Dismalfucker / HIGH - Split LP

dismalfucker is a crustpunk band from münster, germany. straightforward trashing with the right attitude!
HIGH is from tübingen, germany and playing furious hc-punk mixed up with some 70s rock guitar solos in a brecknecking speed. get it here

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Juventud Podrida - 1989 EP 2012

Juventud Podrida - evil stench from Panama
love this EP,they got more releases on bandcamp

Bombräd - S/T Demo 2016

Bombräd - D-Beat from George Town,Malaysia
Unfortunately their only release
You can feel the käng punk influence here
Lyrics in swedish(?)/finnish(?) don't know for sure..

Disturd - Isolation EP 2011

Disturd - Stench/Crust punk band from Kobe,Japan
This is their second release,other stuff's raw and fantastic as well
Get it

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Primer Regimen - No Futuro,No Solución EP 2017

Primer Regimen - HC - Punk from Bogotá // Colombia
With much UK82-style influence.going on US-West Coast Tour in April 2018.Don't miss them!

Punkenstein - Oh Du Schöne Maid EP 1981

Punkenstein - classic german punk from the 80's // Hamburg
First track is nonsense,despite you want to learn bavarian.rest is gold!
lyrics in english
Get it

Räjähtää - S/T EP 2006

Räjähtää - HC-Punk band from Kavala // Greece
covering classic 80's scandinavian HC-Punk like Terveet Kädet,Kaaos,Rattus and more!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ratfeast - Demotape 2017

Ratfeast - 3 metalheads trying to play crust.
New band from Bielefeld // Germany
Really hope they release more stuff,demo is killer
Get it

Ladrón - La Fuerza EP 2016

Ladrón - HC-Punk from southern Florida // US
With spanish vocals/lyrics and a harsh voice.Nice!

Physique - I Hate It!!!!! Demo 2017

Phsique - raw Dbeat punkrockers from Olympia , Washington // USA
Hate it!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Atomic Roar - Never Human Again LP 2017

Atomic Roar - strongly punk-influenced Thrash Metal from Rio De Janeiro // Brazil
Their latest release.

Death Evocation - S/T 7" EP 2011

Death Evocation - Total Sacrilege worship from Boston , Massachusetts // USA
Unfortunately their one and only release,but fuck,can't get any better!
Lets get wasted!

Terrörhammer - Vintage Black Mass EP 2012

Terrörhammer - Highspeed Nekrothrash Metal! Coming from Pancevo // Serbia.
First EP of those ugly unholy Metalheads. 666

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stormcrow // Sanctum ‎– Split LP

dead dead dead crust!  two times  crusty death metal, once is stormcrow from oakland, ca, usa, flip side  is sanctum from seattle, wa, usa. get it here

Krösus - S/T LP 2018

Krösus - D-Beat/Hardcore Punk from Vienna
Fucking fast stuff!Recently looking for a label to publish this gem.

F.F.F. - 6 Song Demo 1987

F.F.F. - late 80's Hardcore Punk,female fronted from Germany

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Snor - Demo 2016

Snor - Hardcore Punk from Malmö // Sweden
No infos available.Just some catchy stomping Punk with female vocals.

Erotischer Stuhlgang - Synositis EP

Erotischer Stuhlgang - late 80's Punk from Hildesheim // Germany
Really underrated and unknown punk band with german lyrics.
With female / male vocals
Published 87' by Campary Records

Earth Bastard - Demo 2014

Earth Bastard - D-Beat from Perth // Australia
Straight forward D-Beat masters,need to check for more recent stuff..

Step To Freedom - Cementery For The Humankind Lp

Step To Freedom - Stench/Crust from Nijniy Novgorod, Russia.Not much infos here.
Just go listen to extreme guitar,pressing bass,blasting drums and insanely evil vocals! Go!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Calm The Fire / The Dead Goats - ST LP

calm the fire comes from gdynia, poland and playing a intense and very brutal grindy hc-punk.
the dead goats are from białystok, poland and playing fast and brutal deathmetal punk. great split! get it here