Thursday, August 15, 2019

Ravage Fix - III EP 2019

Ravage Fix - raw hc punk from Kreuzlingen // Switzerland
this ep is way to short!

or here:

D7Y - S/T LP 2019

D7Y - noisy hc punk/dbeat from Reykjavik//Iceland
distorted guitar and classic hcpunk-shouts but with a kinda modern feeling

or here:

Dekonstrukt - S/T LP 2018

Dekonstrukt - hc punk band from Ulm//Germany
got a nice diversified sound rooted in 2 guitars and both male and femal vocals
or here:

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Shoki - Promo 2019

Shoki - hardcore punk from Milan // Italy
pissed off hc punk straight in your ears with great hooks
download here


ΦΑΛΚΟΝΕΡΑ - punk band from Athens // Greece
that band got some catchy post punk vibes here,doesn't gets boring
reminds me of Padkarosda
get it here: download
or here:

Kriegszittern - Stratofortress EP 2019

Kriegszittern - death metal from Mülheim an der Ruhr // Germany
mid tempo death metal straight from the gutter
smell the stench here: download
or here:

Monday, July 8, 2019

Oжor - Demo II 2019

Oжor - hc punk band from Grodno // Belarus
great release of this speed ripping punkrockers
6 songs in 6 minutes!

Bolzenschuss - Demo 2019

Bolzenschuss - hc punk from Marburg//Germany
fresh'n'new band covering all varieties from mid tempo punk to dbeat

Auxiliö - La Vida Es Màs De Lo Que Somos EP 2018

Auxiliö - dbeat assault from LA//USA
vocals and guitars are kinda metaltuned making this ep a good hit for crusty metalheads as well

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Surge - Avalanche LP 2016

Surge - queer raw punk from Dublin // Ireland
lots of distortion and delay is all you need

Stasis - S/T LP 2018

Stasis - crust punk from Bologna // Italy
modern crust with slight grind influence

Larma - S/T LP 2019

Larma - hc punk / d-beat from Sweden
going fast'n'furious!
vocalist is a crazy maniac on stage

Sunday, June 9, 2019


hc punk band from umeå, sweden formed around 2004. voyagers from the early 80s!! get it here

CC - Prisoner Of State LP

pissed of and full charged hadcore punk from zagreb, croatia. get it here

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Vittna - S/T EP 2018

Vittna - hc punk from Raleigh // USA
this is an evil piece of music,somewhere between Khiis and Devil Master
fast,dissonant guitar riffs,humbling basslines and fast drumming covered by despitefull vocals
check out their demotape from 2017 as well!(here)

Minenfeld - The Great Adventure LP 2019

Mienenfeld - antifascist death metal from Osnabrück // Germany
new'n'fresh release from this death metal crusties
as always with lots of I. WW content
comming straight from the catacombs
for fans of Excoriate

also take a look here:


Ketamin C - Raise Your Hate LP 2009

Ketamin C - punkband from Chemnitz // Germany
12 songs consistent of pure angry hardcore punk
rooted in classic german 80's hcpunk like Schleimkeim and Vorkriegsjugend
before parts of the band played in punkband Äh...weys´sch nä

Monday, May 20, 2019

Terror Defence - Break The Barricades EP 2009

Terror Defence - hc punk/dbeat band from VPU // Netherlands
with slight R'n'R influence but without missing the crushing punk/crust sound

Persecution Mania - Demo 2019

Persecution Mania - thrash metal outfit from Mannheim // Germany
this rips.fucking groovy parts mixed with oldschool 80's thrash metal
like Blood Patrol and Death Evocation had a baby
really stoked for their next release

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Disgusting News - Fressfeind EP 2019

Disgusting News - hardcore punk from Bielefeld // Germany
that's some good music!
intense riffing,pushing drums and pissed vocals