Saturday, January 12, 2019

Give Up All Hope - Nowhere To Hide From Yourself EP

crust band from london - brixton, uk. get it here

Vault - Fuck Off And Die!!! CS

thrash metal band from kajang, selangor, malaysia formed in 1998. get it here

Satan's Rejects - Satan's Rejects EP

hardcore punk band from kavala, greece. get it here

Mar De Rabia - Destrucción Inminente EP

thrashing hc-punk band from bolívar, venezuela, formed in 2015. recent release from winter 2018. get it here

Mar De Rabia - La Destrucción Inminente LP

thrashing hc-punk band from bolívar, venezuela, formed in 2015. first release from 2015. get it here

Pisscharge - Edën LP

hc-punk band from hannover, germany. first release from autumn 2018. get it here

Thursday, January 10, 2019

NO - No/Ruinas Split EP 2016

NO - Death Metal/Crust from ???/Italy
couldn't find any information on this split
but still,awesome music !
heavy riffs,brutal drums and guttural vocals crushing your ears
get it

UZI - Silla Eléctrica Songs 2018

UZI - punk band from Bogotá // Colombia
new'n'fresh band from colombia
got original 80's UK sound referring to Acid Attack or The Mad Are The Sane
singer's also part of Tumbas/Final
songs were recorded for the Silla Eléctrica Sampler (check it out here)
get it

Reacción Violenta - Todo Sigue Igual EP 2018

Reacción Violenta - hc punk band from Bogotá // Colombia
new stuff comming from bogotá again!
nice blend of other colombian bands like Secta/Primer Regimen/Final
punk as it should be
part of the Silla Eléctrica - Sampler (check it out here)
get it

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Nocturnal Scum - ST EP

crust / punk / death-metal band from berlin, germany. after their demo from 2016 the long-awaited ep from this killer band. recorded in winter 17/18 and after some trouble with vinyl-pressing, finally released. get it here

Saturday, December 22, 2018

PAZAHORA / ENSLAVED split cassette

pazahora from singapore playing some buring spirt hc in a perfect way! enslave from tokio, japan. dual fe/male vocals and crushing background sounds. released back in 2014. get it here

Avskum - Demo CS

 charged and furious - classic swedish crust/hc/punk stuff! formed 1982 in kristinehamn, sweden. quite a mangy, but legit cellar record. get it here

Whipstriker - Merciless Artillery LP

speed metal / punk band from rio de janeiro, brazil by victor vasconcellos as a one-man project in 2008. after a lot of released stuff in the past, this their recent record from mid of 2018. straight foward speedmetalpunk! get it here!

Bronco Libre - s​/​t LP

melodic hc/punk band from leipzig, germany. after their demo and split ep with gewaltbereit, finally they released their first long player. great stuff! get it here

Friday, December 21, 2018

Agnosy - Past The Point Of No Return LP 2011

Agnosy - crust from London // UK
holy fuck,this is the perfekt mix of crust/dbeat and death metal
with members of Hiatus and Beginning Of The End
first of two releases
highly recommended

Derelyction - Destination Extinction CS 2012

Derelytion - 4 piece crust band from Gießen//Germoney
demo tape consistent of heavy guitar riffs paired with furious drums
vocalists know what they're doing

Amenazas - S/T EP 2018

Amenazas - dbeat from Bogotá // Colombia
harsh high speed noise,6 songs but not even 6 minutes of music!
coming to europe 2019,don't miss them
get it

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Signal Crimes - Perfidious Albion LP

furious uk hc punk band - featuring members of heresy, violent arrest, ripcord, egs and so on.... get it here

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tozcos - Sueños Deceptivos LP 2018

Tozcos - punkband from Santa Ana//USA
after an awesome S/T 7" from 2017 here's their debut LP
insane package of enjoyable,catchy bass/guitar riffs,powerfull drums and the voice fits in perfectly
never gets boring to listen to!

Flower S/T CS 2018

Flower - hc punk band from NYC//USA
despite their anarcho punk attitude this is fucking agressive-pissed off
straight foreward punkmusic!